I’m a technician at Weta Workshop specialising in mould making and casting. I have been working in mould making for 2 years and casting for 6 months.
In Mould making we make moulds for any item (prop, sculpture, weapon, etc), that we want to make reproductions of. We make moulds for items used in films, exhibitions (e.g. Te papa Gallipoli exhibition), and private works. As a technician in the Weta Workshop Mould department, we make various types of moulds for these items using silicone rubber, fibreglass, and urethane resins.
Now as a casting technician I am learning to cast reproductions/ replicas of items we moulded. Using the moulds made for each item, we cast replicas of the original item using mostly urethane resins and foam.

My time at Weta along with learning these skills, has taught me the demands of the film industry. E.g. making props suitable for stunt work on film sets, using products to cast out items that will be suitable for actors and actresses to wear (e.g. nothing too heavy or toxic). My time at Weta has taught me how to tackle these demands. My goals are to work in sculpting at Weta Workshop and to work more on set on films.