PIFT recently supported The Coconet TV in the production of a new online series called Portraits of Poly Pks.

The short documentary series has been released on the on-line portal and looks into the lives of pastor’s kids within the Aotearoa Pacific community.

“The issues that these generations of PK’s face are many – rebelling against restrictions, living
within rigid bounds of model expectation, facing community animosity are part and parcel of
the PK life. Yet there are some heart-rending stories of finding peace and happiness in these
diverse personal portraits.
The series gives an objective glimpse into the role that religion plays in Pacific communities
and how it underpins much of how Pacific people are shaped.
These five portraits of a PK are wonderful flavors of a unique lifestyle that has a special myriad
of pros and cons.”

PIFT’s involvement was in facilitating five new female directors (Emily Mafile’o, Timena Apa, Lavinia ‘Uhila, Destiny Momoisea and Indira Stewart) to work under the more experienced directors of the docos – Miki Magasiva, Adrian Stevanon, Mario Faumui, Tuki Laumea and Barbara Carpenter.

PIFT will seek to continue this training initiative in 2017 with a new project (as well as other placement programmes) in order to further support new directors in their journey. Keep a look-out for this opportunity supported by the New Zealand Film Commission.

Check out all of the Portrait’s of Poly Pks at The Coconet TV.