The Big Screen Symposium is almost upon us! 
In the last two weeks we’ve rolled out a stunning range of international speakers including director So Yong Kim (LOVESONG, TRANSPARENT), writer Luke Davies (LION), producer Midge Sanford (DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, RIVER’S EDGE), casting director Kerry Barden (SPOTLIGHT, 13 REASONS WHY, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY) and distribution specialist Peter Broderickas well as our phenomenal local talent Tusi TamaseseMiranda HarcourtStuart McKenzie, and their creative teams. 

This year’s Big Screen Symposium explores exceptional film and television as a dance with authenticity and pretence.

The challenge when creating authentic film and television is that it is founded on pretence – a form of invention that everyone wants in on.  The filmmaker asks her audience to have poetic faith, to accept the fiction or construction as reality. After all, story and performance are acts of make-believe, best at their most honest.

This year we play with these inherent contradictions, questioning why we are preoccupied with authenticity, how we can craft work real enough to get under an audience’s skin, and how and why we hide or expose the smoke and mirrors.

This is your opportunity to be part of an industry wide event that will invite debate, discussion, information and inspiration to filmmakers from Aotearoa. 
We hope you will join us. Book your tickets here.