15 years of Pollywood Pasifika Pride on the big screen – 15 years of inspiring more Pasifika stories to be told – 15 years of promoting the relevance of our ideas, our culture & our dreams  – 15 years of providing a platform for established and grass-roots Pasifika film -makers – 15 years of bring our Pasifika communities together. Yes Pollywood is 15 years old!

Shamelessly flying the non-profit flag for 15 years, Pollywood has never been about fame and fortune, Pollywood has always been about what matters most – who we are – as individuals, as families and as

a community.

Highlighting ‘Sunday Funday’ Written and Directed by Dianna Fuemana a first time film-maker however no stranger to the stage with a number of successful stage productions under her belt. Dianna confronts the social issues of being ‘different’ and the maternal issues of being a solo mum yet remaining to be a ‘socially connected’ individual.

Another must see film is ‘Waiting’ directed Amberley Jo Aumua and written by Samuel Kamu. ‘Waiting’ premiered at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival (NZIFF) and won best short film. Since NZIFF, ‘Waiting’ is now doing the film circuit with acceptance to some of the most sort-after film festivals of the world!

With a careful selection of 8 films that run for around 87mins the audience will get premium bang for their buck. Limited to 2 screenings the best suggestion now is to purchase your tickets online via eventfinda and make a night of it.

Saturday 4th November, Mangere Arts Centre – Nga Tohu o Uenuku – 630pm – 830pm


Saturday 18th November, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, 2pm – 4pm


Craig Fasi will host at both screening venues and there will be various directors available to briefly talk about their work and take any questions from the audience.

The show is PGR rated as it contains some coarse language, low level violence and sexual references.

Further info please contact

Craig Fasi

Pollywood Director

021 02555 211



Let the mountain speak 2017 Hawaii 
Director/Writer – Vilsoni Hereniko 
Producer – Jeannette Hereniko 

A visual poem that pays tribute to Maunakea, a sacred mountain on the island of Hawaii and the center for one of the largest conflicts presently taking place in Hawaii.

Waiting 2017 NZ 
Director – Amberley Jo Aumua 
Writer Samuel Kamu 
Producer – Unitec

Two best friends become brothers as they wait for a life-changing phone-call.

When we speak 2011 NZ 
Director, Producer, Editor – Miliama Setefano 

Three young poets share their unique stories through spoken word poetry. They explore their identity to empower and encourage our young people. This short film will disrupt preconceived notions of young people and will challenge them to find their authentic voice.

Vaka 500 2011 NZ 
Producer, Editor – MitaTahata 

100 Years Ago They Fought For Love, Family And Their Country. In 2015 Cook Islands creatives contributed artworks as a visual expression to honour these soldiers. A small collective of artists and descendants take a trip in April 2017 to England and France to understand the soldier’s journey and share their living memories in London through Art & Culture exhibition VAKA 500.

Falevai Flava 2016 NZ 
Director, Producer – Tui Emma-Gillies, Angus Gillies 

A Kiwi mother and daughter who are tapa artists travel from Auckland to the mother’s home village of Falevai in Vava’u, Tonga, to work on two big ngatu with the women there. But they don’t realise that tapa art is no longer practiced there and their visit will resuscitate a heritage art form.

Lady Eva 2011 TONGA/USA 
Director, Producer -Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson 
Story creation & Producer – HinaleimoanaWong-Kalu

In the Kingdom of Tonga, the last remaining monarchy in the Pacific, traditional culture clashes with modern religious zealotry. And on the eve of the biggest day in her life, a young transgender beauty contestant is given an ultimatum by her Mormon family: “If you choose to participate in that pageant, you can pack your bags and get out of this house.” With a fierce determination, LADY EVA takes off on a journey to become her true self – with a little inspiration from Tina Turner along the way.

Portraits of Poly Pastors Kids – Amy Tielu 2016 NZ 
Director – Adrian Stevanon 
Producer – Lisa Taouma 

This the story of Samoan/Filipino and pastor’s daughter Amy Tielu. Amy identifies with being ‘pansexual’ not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gen­der, or gender identity. She is open to her family who at first thought she was confused as a result of hanging out with all her Australian friends. Although her parents struggled at first, they love her unconditionally. Her sister is a pillar of strength and support.

Sunday Funday 2016 NZ 
Director, Writer – Dianna Fuemana 
Producer -Jay Ryan 

A Fiafifine (translates as ‘in the manner of a woman’) teenager and her solo mum prepare to have fun on a Sunday. A booty call and a beating will bring them closer to understanding their connection to each other outside of a system that doesn’t know how they fit in.