Siapo Cinema 2017 celebrates the people and culture of the Pacific with a vibrant festival of feature films, short films, music, documentaries, panel discussions and archival film compilations along with live performances and creative activities. The festival kicked off in Wellington on Wednesday, 20 September and ran through to Saturday, 30 September

PIFT supported the Siapo Cinema programme and we’re proud of the turnout and awesome happenings in the fourth year of this multi-event happening. Here’s some photos from the programme of events from Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.

We’d also like to give special mention to Mishelle Muagututi’a and Diane Pivac, co-ordinators/curators – who organised the programme and provided photos below. Awesome work team!!

Scrutineers and Questionnaires masters  – Victor Rodger and Sean Mallon – Pasiflix Quiz Night

One of the teams. Pasiflix Quiz Night

MC Tupe Lualua


Student presentations in response to One Thousand Ropes, PASI301, Pacific Studies, Va’aomanu Pasifika, Victoria University of Wellington.

Sima Urale’s 21st organised by Kava Club Arts Collective – to pay tribute to filmmaker, Sima Urale and the anniversary of O Tamaiti

Sima Urale with the O Tamaiti ‘key’ and cutting the cake with two of the 5 child actors from O Tamaiti –  (Tala) Therese Fatu and (Julio) Julio Meli.

The cake.

Pacific Underground and friends.  Spring Silent Films.   Pacific Underground played live music to a selection of silent film excerpts from the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision collection filmed around the Pacific. Musicians led by Pos Mavaega, Tanya Muagututi’a, Hemi-quaver Lesatele, Zak Bishara, Dru Sione, Josephine Mavaega and Ella Mavaega with an introduction from Nathaniel Lees.

The Native Chef aka Erolia Ifopo and her Retrospective Ula Lei workshops to support the moving image artists in the Cinema.

Malo Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision and Siapo Cinema – we can’t wait ’till next year’s programme, which we’re sure will be just as awesome!