2018 is the 5th year of Māoriland Film Festival and the 3rd Native Slam Filmmaking Challenge. The programme for the festival can be found here – https://issuu.com/maorilandfilmfestival/docs/mff2018_for_upload. Other details are on the website www.maorilandfilm.co.nz

This is very late notice for Native Slam III but MFF2018 is open for more participants until Sunday 18th February (2 days from now).

Taking part are some amazing filmmakers from around the Globe. In the past there have been directors, producers, DOP’s all working together in teams. You have to use all your skills to make a film in 72 hours with only $800 per team. It is a big challenge but the Native Slam I & II filmmakers got to the finish line (mostly) and delivered some fine work.

If you’re thinking of going to the Fest – Accommodation is at a premium with 45 international filmmakers and all the Kiwis. A crowd of over 10,000 people is expected to attend the week-long festival.

There are 4 Māori filmmakers who will be the hosts of Native Slam III and organisers are looking for 9 other indigenous filmmakers. Each team is made up of a Māori host filmmaker and two other indigenous filmmakers. The Māori host filmmaker is responsible for accommodating and traveling you before the challenge begins.

The Native Slam I + II filmmakers got to meet some new peeps, learn some new stuff and have a lot of fun whilst doing it. The Native Slam film travelled to festivals all over the world.

The NATIVE SLAM officially starts on the 18th MARCH and finishes on the 20th March – times to be confirmed.

If you are interested you need to contact Libby from Maoriland Films ASAP

The absolute cut-off date is this Sunday 18th Feb to let her know if you are keen to be in the Native Slam. Libby@maorilandfilm.co.nz