Doc Clinic #6: Delivery, Distribution and Exhibition


Join Doc Clinic #6 on Saturday 29 September. Doc Clinics are a great way to get more guidance, insight and knowledge through in-depth talks and workshops from experienced film professionals. Doc Clinics are supported by the NZ Film Commission.

You’ve finished your shoot and you’re just about to finish post-production, but finishing the film is only the first step in the process. A good producer knows that a good film is nothing without an audience. Doc Clinic #6 will show you how to find the right audience at the right time.

Topics for discussion will include:

-What are deliverables and what should you know in advance?

-How do you find a distributor, or do you self-distribute?

-Do you appoint a sales agent, and what’s the difference between a sales agent and a distributor?

-What does a typical distribution agreement look like, and what are some key things to look out for 
when negotiating a deal?

-Which territories will best be suited to your film and which festivals should you focus on and why?

-How is the world of Netflix and VOD changing distribution and would it be better for you to release online or theatrical?

-How does distribution strategy differ for documentary from fiction/drama?


Jasmin McSweeney, Head of Marketing, New Zealand Film Commission
Jasmin is responsible for the promotion and marketing of New Zealand films in New Zealand and internationally. She consults with filmmakers, international sales agents and distributors on international film festival and market placement. Within New Zealand, she assists distributors and filmmakers to identify and engage with their film’s audience through test screenings, audience research and distribution grants.

Fergus Grady, Limelight Distribution
Fergus is a producer, sales & distribution consultant who has over ten years’ experience in the film industry. As head of Acquisitions and Theatrical at Umbrella Entertainment for four years, Fergus was involved in a number of important acquisitions including The Babadook, Girl Asleep, Jungle and the Netflix original film Cargo which he was also an executive producer on. He’s producing a slate of projects of which his first; West of Sunshine premiered at Venice Film Festival 2017 and he EP’d The Marshes which launches on SVOD platform Shudder later this year.

Saturday, 29 September 2018 | 10.00am to 1.00pm
University of Auckland, 14A Symonds Street, Lecture Theatre at Arts 1 Building, Room 220