NZ On Air received a one‐off allocation of additional funding in this year’s budget to support the
production of diverse local content that will reach under‐served audiences. As part of this funding,
six new projects will be delivered. This RFP addresses the Pacific and Asian storytelling projects.

NZ On Air is seeking new Scripted proposals from Pacific and Asian content makers for between 2‐4
series that will extend the range of Pacific and Asian storytelling available to New Zealand audiences.
Nov 2018 ‐ Guidelines for proposals issued and applications open
First quarter 2019 ‐ Deadline for applications
First quarter 2019 ‐ Up to 8 shortlisted projects confirmed
Second quarter 2019 ‐ Workshop for 8 shortlisted projects held
Second quarter 2019 ‐ Eligible shortlisted projects assessed for production funding
Second quarter 2019 ‐ Up to 4 projects confirmed (subject to funding contracts being
agreed) and applicants notified

NZ On Air has dedicated $1.5m to this initiative, with $750k allocated per Pacific and Asian strand.
These projects are intended to deliver to the Newer Storytellers category of our Scripted Roadmap.
The selected content will explore local perspectives and stories not generally seen on New Zealand
screens – but should still appeal to a general audience.
In order to support our newer storytellers and produce the strongest content outcomes possible, NZ
On Air will provide a facilitated group workshop for shortlisted projects, to assist with the final
development and refinement of projects prior to submission for production funding.
Proposals can be submitted without platform support initially but shortlisted projects selected for
the workshop will be expected to secure platform support to be eligible for production funding.
Production budgets will vary from around $300k – $750k per project depending on the scale,
secured platform support / co‐investment, and likely audience reach.
The format and duration of produced content will vary but should be a minimum of 30 minutes for
these funding investment levels, and will depend on the primary platform and the proposed story.
Supporting platforms can be linear and/or online. Co‐investment from supporting platforms is
expected. Secondary or additional platforms are encouraged. Funding from other third parties is
encouraged where appropriate.
Further details around this assessment process, specific dates, and information about how you
should structure your application will be published on our website in early November 2018.
October 2018

Projects should be led or co‐led by production personnel reflecting the Pacific or Asian cultures
depicted within the content.
Applications for full production funding will need to be supported by established producers with
existing Scripted production credits. Emerging producing talent may be considered; however, the
attachment of experienced mentors or an executive producer will strengthen these applications.
Projects should be stand‐alone given the one‐off nature of the funding. There should be no
expectation of ongoing or additional funding support from NZ On Air.
Funded projects are required to be distributed on a free‐access basis to the New Zealand public and
freely accessible online for at least 12 months.

NZ On Air’s usual application requirement to submit applications via our online portal apply.
Reserved Rights and Terms and Conditions
The following government standard terms and conditions apply to the RFP and the RFP process:
a. you must bear all of your own costs in preparing and submitting your proposal
b. you represent and warrant that all information provided to us is complete and accurate
c. we may rely upon all statements made in your proposal
d. we may amend, suspend, cancel and/or re‐issue the RFP at any time
e. we may change the RFP (including dates), but will give all submitters a reasonable time to
respond to any change
f. we may accept late proposals and may waive any irregularities or informalities in the RFP
g. we may seek clarification of any proposal and meet with any submitter(s)
h. we are not bound to accept the lowest priced conforming proposal(s), or any proposal
i. if none of the proposals are acceptable to us we may enter into negotiations with one or more
of the submitters (if any).
j. we both agree to take reasonable steps to protect the other’s confidential information
k. our obligation to protect your confidential information is subject to the Official Information
Act 1982 and other legal, parliamentary and constitutional conventions
l. there is no binding legal relationship between us, and your proposal is only accepted if we
both sign a funding contract
m. our Request for Proposals (RFP) comprises this document, and any subsequent information
we provide to suppliers
n. the laws of New Zealand shall govern the RFP process
o. in submitting your proposal you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound
by these terms and conditions, and the additional terms and conditions below, if applicable.