Q & A with Dynasty Productions | Pift Pacific Islanders in Film & TV

Many of you may have seen the epic Pati video that exploded on the scene in August. The video depicts a Battle between Hip Hop and Contemporary Polynesian Dancing with the sound of LogTronix, the fusion of the Polynesian Instrument Pate/Log Drum and Modern Electronic Sound. In its first month out it received over a million views, 12,000 shares and 30,000 positive comments. We caught up with Dynasty Productions Director Liana Foa’i to find out more.

Liana Foa’i

1. Who is behind Dynasty Productions and the making of the Pati video?

Nase and Liana Foai (Husband & Wife). We took it from concept right through to video production/music production, personnel, directing & editing 3 month process! We had the help of some incredible choreographers, Taimania Foa’i & Edwin Pita as well as some incredible technical minds to help make it the best it could be on screen, Rewiti from ReeFocus Productions as well as Mick from Filthy Look Films and an incredible dance crew who gave everything on the day.

2. What was the kaupapa of the video, why did you want to make it?

We created the video to go hand in hand with the track that Nase created to introduce the world to the Pate/Log Drum in mainstream context and show that the Pate can hold it’s own on the world stage, especially when it comes to moving people to dance. The video had a similar purpose but to show that Polynesian Dance can stand up with mainstream art forms like Hip Hop and Contemporary Expressive movement.

Nase Foa’i

3. What was the response like? Any overseas attention?

Response from overseas has been incredible. Pati has already been Licensed to cable in the US owned by the founders of MTV to be aired in 36 countries, on demand services, in flight entertainment and more. We have been approached by people wanting everything from music for Films, fashion runways to Bollywood Dance Projects in L.A, both for the music production side of things to the shooting and producing/directing music videos. It’s been crazy!

4. What are the goals of Dynasty, what do you guys do and or hope to achieve.?

Our first goal is to put the Pate/Log Drum as well as Modern Polynesian Dance on the world stage in mainstream context with the Album, LogTronix.

5. What do you think about the Pacific creative sector, how do you think islanders are doing in the scene these days.?

To be honest, we have not kept up with the Aotearoa/Polynesian music scene in the last 10 years outside of our own family. Nase only just got back into producing after 10 years so we don’t really know what is going on out there at the moment.

6. Personally what do you want to achieve creatively.?

LogTronix is the Genre we have created for this new style of dance music. It is also the title of the Album which is being released this year. Nase hopes to put this sound down on the world stage so that other producers & artists are inspired by the unique use and identity of the Pate & Modern Polynesian Dance in the context of mainstream level expression.

7. Where are you based and how does this affect your outlook and connection .?

We are based in Gold Coast, Australia. Very much not connected as we probably should be.

8. Is this the time of the Aussie Islander creatives.?

No not at all. Anyone anywhere has the ability to create. One of the biggest things for us is to inspire others to create and what excites us is that artists know that they have an incredible and unique form of expression that they can use that is their own identity, whatever that may be.

Artists can use any form of expression they like when they create. We are simply highlighting that Modern Polynesian Expression has some pretty amazing untapped elements to express with at a very high level that can be developed with the right minds and cultures to support it.

Here is where you can purchase “Pati”